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Interested in learning HOW to eat if you’ve made the decision to change WHAT you eat?

Many people are making changes for the benefit of their health but don’t know how to go about making those changes these classes & workshops are seen as a gateway for them to learn and put into practice new habits and information to be successful when making the transition to healthier living.

These classes are simple, effective & affordable.

DETOX 101 – The Detox 101 days allow newbies and veterans alike to join a group of like minded individuals on a day long juice/smoothie/natural tea nutrient dense drink feast. The day offers individuals a chance to taste, sample and enjoy several drinks while also learning the theory behind HOW TO DO A SIMPLE 3 DAY JUICE FEAST DETOX properly. Participants learn how to flush, detox, renew, revitalise and cleanse their bodies in a sequence that has been seen as more in moderation and a welcome addition to a lifestyle of healthy living without being too agressive. $125

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THE BENEFIT OF SPROUTS – Sprouts are a great source of nutrients that many of us don’t understand


sprouts in tablespoons


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