ANOTHER REASON TO BUY ORGANIC and support your local organic farmer!

Here is a quoted excerpt of a comment I found from one of the articles below regarding information on SEWAGE SLUDGE and BIOSOLIDS.

FIRST: sewage sludge is NOT human manure or night soil. It is a complex and unpredictable mixture of human waste and thousands of man-made industrial chemicals which didn’t even exist fifty years ago and some of which are highly toxic and persistent. The Federal Clean Water Act defines sludge or biosolids as a pollutant. Every entity that is connected to a sewage treatment plant is permitted, every month, to discharge 33 pounds of hazardous waste into this system. Here these, and other pollutants are REMOVED from the waste water and end up, by necessity, in the resulting sludge.

SECOND: treatment does not remove most of these contaminants. In fact, some processes used to treat sludge actually encourage the growth of antibiotic resistant pathogens.

THIRD: EPA and USDA, who wrote the current unprotective rules, continue to cover up the many reported problems linked to sludge-exposure; they ignore or silence scientists who document problems. Most of the researchers who get grants to study sludge, are those who promote land application. EPA and USDA worked with University of Georgia faculty to publish a paper that used fudged and fraudulent data, claiming that hundreds of prize-winning dairy cattle could not have died after ingesting forage grown on land treated with sludge. The courts ruled otherwise. Yet the paper was never retracted.

FOURTH: A National Academy of Sciences biosolids panel warned that sludge is such a complex and unpredictable mixture of biological and chemical agents that it is impossible to assess its risks when applied on land. The panel also emphasized the need to address the health affects of exposure to interactions of pathogens and chemicals in complex mixtures, such as sludge.

FIFTH: The trace-element- argument is meaningless, since endocrine disruptors –sludge is full of them- can damage developing organisms in very small amounts: in parts per trillion.

Finally, Whole Foods’ argument that they can’t have a sludge policy because land application of sludge is legal contradicts their primary mission: Whole Foods sells all sorts of products and produce that do not contain dangerous chemicals–which are perfectly legal–but may cause serious harm to human health and the environment. Why make an exception for sludge? Why not follow the example of dozens of companies, such as Heinz, DelMonte, Kraft, and Western Growers, that do not accept produce grown on fields treated with sewage sludge?”

NOTE: Sadly some of the aforementioned companies use GMO’s but that is another story for another day!

As someone who educates people on the benefits of eating foods whole, organic and raw (as close to nature as possible and unprocessed by cooking etc.) I find this practice of using BIOSOLIDS deplorable.

Personally I do not buy my fruits and veggies non organic for nutrient density reasons but will share this for individuals who believe there are no differences.

For my own consumption, I find the prices at organic farmers markets comparable to that in stores because I am SELECTIVE in what I purchase, and in many cases in recent years I have seen organic cheaper than conventional!

I urge folks not to just dismiss the organic section of the store as too expensive, but to check and price compare in the store you are in…you are there already in the event the organics are just the same price or cheaper. I cannot say how much it is important enough for folks price compare and even to find simple recipes made with fresh affordable organic ingredients to make meals instead of  just buying conventional veggies because they think they are cheap. Save money and your health by buying a small amount of organic food and creating a great dishes from simple organic ingredients instead of just buying cheap conventional that you think is healthy because it “looks fresh and good”.

Make the meals you eat from simple recipes found online, in books, from classes you attend and shared from friends. As we can now see…’s not only the pesticides while growing non organic foods it’s what’s being used to fertilize them in this case BIOSOLIDS and how detrimental it is if those BIOSOLIDS eventually end up in YOU.

After being privy to this information I will continue to recommend steadfastly to clients, friends and family alike that organic is the best way to go!

Purchasing only organic from the store is not the only thing you can do for your family, you can grow your own, there are many small plots or container gardening for small spaces, apartments and flats or shared neighbourhood gardens for you to begin growing or getting food from. You can even begin sprouting (ask about my sprout class) to provide organic nutrients for yourself free of BIOSOLIDS.

And while I have your attention, you may want to check out the FREE – HONEST FOOD GUIDE DOWNLOAD (see link below) to give you a bit more information about the food you are purchasing and eating. I have been recommending this guide to clients for years and have had a lot of good feedback from clients about it.

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Your natural nutritionista.


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