How can a ONE DAY DTOX help you to cleanse, purify, nourish & repair your mind, body & spirit? This ONE DAY class shows you how.

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How do these three things help you dtox?



Spinach has a lot going for it, high in iron, potassium, and other important minerals, with protein and fiber for overall health. What many don’t realize is that it’s also a source of omega-3. There are plant sources of omega-3, and spinach is one of them. Perhaps that’s why it’s often associated with being helpful at preventing cancer and heart disease, and is often promoted as being one of the healthiest foods you can eat. This is a great dtox item as when you are dtoxing healthy omega 3’s nourish the central nervous system and help your nerves maintain the stresses your body goes through while you dtox.

CHIAChia seeds a dtox powerhouse packed with protein

Chia seeds contain a high level of protein, with none of the nasty cholesterol. Protein should be a dietary priority because it helps your body to build and maintain tissue and create new cells–all of which are imperative for it to perform ordinary functions. One serving of chia seeds contain roughly 10% of your daily protein requirements. This is impressive, as the majority of protein rich foods are usually meat based products. Chia with its protein punch allows you to nourish your body with protein through plant power while you are dtoxing and allows you to stay from animal protein which is harder on the body to digest. Chia allows you to easily assimilate the protein nutrients which are necessary for dtox.


Expel toxins – Drinking an adequate amount of water helps to remove water soluble toxins from the body by sweat and through the kidneys. Water flushes your system and cleanses the body clean of certain toxic waste products that tend to build up in tissues and organs. WATER, WATER, WATER if you are not drinking water through your dtox you are looking for trouble. Water helps to not only rehydrate the body but to get rid of the cellular waste buildup. Whether you are dtoxing or not water is excellent to remove toxic waste in the body so..drink up!

via – lifehack


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