This video shows what happens in our digestive tracts when we eat processed, non nutrient dense foods, below are a few pointers on what happens to our bodies as a result of eating processed foods and a few tips on how to avoid the damage of processed foods.

Food is broken down into a paste when we eat and made into a form our bodies are easily able to digest. However, when we eat processed food our bodies are unable to break the food down unfortunately making it impossible to properly digest it.

This is leading to malnutrition today and a malnourished body opens a Pandora’s box to illness, sickness and disease.  The  body is constantly searching for the nutrients that it needs to survive but not finding them. When these nutrients are not available the body essentially begins it’s descent into death which we see as an “illness” or a “disease” …’s really a stage of death. The question each of us has to be aware of each time we eat is..”is this meal helping my body nourish, heal and thrive or is it slowly killing me”?

Not only does the body have to deal with the insufficiency of nutrients it has to also deal with eliminating the chemicals in the processed food, this is like asking the body to run a marathon with no training…it is very difficult but is humanly possible. Each day we eat these processed foods we are weakening the body yet asking it to process the harmful ingredients they are made of to keep itself alive, again this is asking the impossible like asking someone to spin straw into gold. The body is so forgiving it limps along and keeps us going filtering out waste material but it can only do that for so long.

The tips below can help to keep your body in good working order if done regularly.

Take a day off: Take a day and make an effort to eat whole foods, drink more water and just eliminate as many processed and chemically laden foods as possible.

Drink more water: our bodies are over 75% water, which water is used to flush, cleanse and hydrate our cells. Water removes waste matter from the cells and is your best friend when you are in a healing crisis. FYI each of us is in a healing crisis today (because of our exposure to chemicals, toxins, pollutants etc. our digestive systems and therefore our bodies are in one stage or another of inflammation, blockage or dehydration)….a precursor to death, disease and or illness. Simply  getting in the habit of drinking water several times a day will help your body to balance itself and assist in the elimination of waste, not drinking water daily is like not flushing the toilet after repeated usage daily. Drink up and flush toxins, pollutants, waste and disease out of your body. It’s that simple.

Eat whole foods: If you can  make your own food at home do so, stop buying foods that are already prepared, especially if they have a lot of chemicals in it. Make your own version of “fast” food if need be. It’s also good to get  in the habit of eating smaller meals several times a day you put together yourself with fresh whole food doesn’t have to be complicated.

Do a monthly or weekly mini fast: Spend the morning just drinking juices or smoothies then eat a light wholesome meal for dinner or reverse the order and drink smoothies or juices for dinner and breakfast and eat a light wholesome lunch. The second option may work better for individuals with a sensitive digestive system as the acids required to break down the foods are at their highest peak between the hours of noon and four pm daily. Give your body a break from having to digest heavy starchy, meat laden or stodgy foods, it will thank you in the end.

Picking one or several of these tips will help your digestion and invariably your health, start slowly with one and eventually you may be doing all of them. Baby steps is what gets you there in the end, take your time to allow your body to adapt. It may take months to just “add” drinking water to your life but in the end if you see yourself drinking more water than you did a few years ago then you have accomplished a change in your habits. Congratulations in advance!

Peace and Blessings,



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