wellness warrior princessConscious Lifestyle Educator



What is a Conscious Lifestyle Educator? According to Deborah Allen aka THE HEALTHY DIVA it is being aware of the cycle of nature and your place in it. Living a natural life so that you can be the best you you can truly be in mind, body or spirit.

Spending close to a decade and a half in Corporate Canada climbing the corporate ladder and having reached her goals to a point where she found she did not want to climb further, she changed direction  retired and followed her dream of opening a Conscious Lifestyle Wellness practice.

At the HHF on December 1 at Metro Hall in Toronto  stop by and listen as THE HEATLHY DIVA tells you THE TOP TEN TIPS to being healthy on a budget and how to get started and succeed with new healthy conscious lifestyle goals.

As a fourth generation healer she always lived a life of awareness about body conscious healthy living. She has been in private practice for sixteen years teaching classes on natural, raw and vegan nutrition, how to use herbs for health, reproductive wellness for men and womb wellness classes for women and one of her favourite topics body detox using everyday mind, body spirit tools, organic foods and lifestyle choices to people from all walks of life and cultures.

She believes everyone regardless of cultural background functions the same if they exist in an unconscious lifestyle, with the mind, body or spirit becoming sick and the full potential of life that one has will not be reached.

She is reaching her life potential by consciously making lifestyle choices and wants to share that with as many people as she can. Having studied with teachers from North America, Central America, Asia and Africa she teaches lifestyle traditions from all cultures that many of us have forgotten.

Check out her ONE DAY JUICE DETOX event in January 2014 on how to detox the right way with tips, lessons and tools you can use to get results today. Contact her for details at  647-477-9349 or email at thehealthydiva@gmail.com  LIKE her facebook page or browse her website


celery pearIn the One Day Juice Detox people learn how to do a conscious living detox while drinking organic soups, smoothies, juices and teas to flush, detox and purify their body.

In this classroom setting learn about hydrotherapy and the benefits of using water to detox, why doing your organ detox in a sequence is better than hit and miss chances, how to get the most out of your organic foods, why a stagnant lymphatic system is a culprit in female issues and more. Register before Dec 21 $99.99 after Dec 21 $125.00 space is limited to 20 so register today!

You are invited to drink juices, teas and sample yummy vegan foods to be your healthiest self to eat your way to wellness. THE HEALTHY DIVA invites one and all to come and be reconnected to your past with knowledge that will pave the way for your abundant future.


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