Lifestyle Transformation – Raw vegan intro

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Stop spending more and more money on health programs than you need to!

Pay to learn the basics of a simple program and grow from there. Too many people purchase elaborate programs they don’t know how to manage and eventually end up leaving  them by the wayside wasting money and time and once again become frustrated, depressed, gain their weight back or continue with poor lifestyle habits until it’s too late.

This program INCLUDES a hands on instructional class as a tool that is used by people who want to learn how to make simple vegan meals and a step by step lifestyle and detox manual.

In the class participants get recipes that can be used in their daily meal plans that will automatically help them to detox, lose weight and add more living foods to their lives without becoming a full vegan. Today more people are taking classes like this one to learn  how to add vegan foods to their lives so they can eat like a vegan without becoming one, and this program has proven to be a great intro to doing  just that.

The gentle go at your own pace approach helps with a transformation people grow with year after year without becoming overwhelmed.

No drastic changes here, just  easy to do manageable step by step guidelines.

In the class participants learn hands on how to make the recipes and enjoy a delicious group meal at the end of the day sampling and tasting the food they’ve made.

The program’s take home outline has easy to follow tools to help make transitional changes that stick for a sustainable transformation.

*NOTE only fifteen spaces available per in person class (if you don’t get in one class purchase your spot immediately for the next months class, first come first serve check the class schedule for dates).

$99 contact for additional details.

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