raw wrapzzzzz

What are tasting menu events?

Hands on mini how to sessions where you learn about and eat living food with a small group of people as I answer your questions.

Attendees get a feel for how they will create these dishes, which eases the anxiety some people can have when attempting to make living or vegan foods. Individuals leave with a frame of reference about living vegan foods and what it takes to make them in their own kitchen.

knife and fork

Living food is delicious made without heating the food past 110 degrees the food is able to balance, revitalise and rejuvenate the body.

What is new and different with living food in the 21st century is the fact that flavour, spices and textures have been added to make the food more bold, and makes it look and taste like the foods from around the world.

Each month folks join me (only space for 15)  to sample, enjoy and learn how easy it is to make delicious nutritious living vegan food, quickly, simply and easily.

All ingredients are seasonal and organic when available.

Get ready to eat, eat and eat and have fun!

raw stuffed zucchini
To pick up a seat to the next event please email your payment through online banking to thehealthydiva@gmail.com for your seat to be reserved. NOTE * there are only 15 seats available so those who pay and reserve in advance will be seated.

To check out the menu for the next tasting go here.

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