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REMEMBRANCE DAY is about tapping into the energy of the heart, tap into your own energy before someone does it for you and takes the best of you for themselves!

Today is Remembrance Day around the world….a day where we are asked to focus on the service of fallen soldiers at 11am.

Rather than focusing on the past….. be in the present (the heart) & be grateful for all the blessings you have now in the Divine Plan of the awakening to your fullest potential.

Orange Calcite is used to get positive energy moving in the areas of the heart and sacral chakra  (creativity, thoughts, imaginings) it has  strong energizing and cleansing properties and helps with the following.

  • Balances emotions
  • Removes fear
  • Overcomes depression
  • Dissolves problems standing in the way of achieving your best potential

I find it a great crystal to reprogram myself on this day Nov 11 which is used in society to instill fear, depression and an unbalanced state of emotion.

On this REMEMBRANCE DAY we are told to LOOK INTO THE PAST instead of being in the PRESENT with a view to the future ( many of us worry about the future…FYI what we worry about is what we manifest….as worrying is FOCUSING on something so…learn how to FOCUS the energies you use to manifest what you WANT not what you don’t WANT) .

Blessings on this day to you all and much success in using  this tool (focusing on what you want) to help you live in the PRESENT you can use it EVERYDAY several times a day (write down what you want on a small card and read it several times a day). You can choose a certain time (like 11am or any time you like) to FOCUS your INTENTIONS on what you WANT. You may want to hold a crystal that has been cleansed and charged with your intentions to magnify your desires or go to a crystal grid you have set up to help you.

THE PRESENT IS YOUR FUTURE FOCUS ON IT NOW…do not let your mind wander or your heart energies be tapped into on days like today…use your energy for yourself.

Thank you REMEMBRANCE DAY for the REMINDER to focus on MYSELF.  I now choose Nov 11 to REPROGRAM MYSELF.

I WILL REMEMBER WHO I AM…A LIGHT BEING surrounded by gifts, angels (human and unseen) and blessings from the earth that want me to be at my highest potential!

For those of you who want to know more about crystals and how to use them I will be in Toronto, Canada Dec 1,  at the event below speaking about healthy living and promoting my Dec 14th open house event where I will have a healing crystal grid set up…come by to get your healing, learn how to charge your crystals and how to work with them daily.


I am looking forward to educating the public in my talk about HOW TO STILL MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES SURROUNDED BY TEMPTATION!

I will be talking about healthier living choices in spite of our lifestyle temptations in food, social settings, personal living …being too tired to be healthy etc., how to be healthy on a budget, how to do it right even how to do it at your own pace to see results and more!

For the folks who are interested and want to OWN their healthy future check out my health talk at this event. I will have a give away and treats for those who attend.

Email me at and enter your name for the give away just put HHF CONTEST in the re line and put your name and email in the body. You can enter many times with a new email until the contest closes Saturday Nov 30 even if you don’t get to the event enter the contest.

Peace, blessings and remembrance to you all of who you are! HAPPY REMEMBRANCE DAY ALL that we know what it means to us and how we can use it to enhance our lives..whoo hoo!




  1. Thank you for this enlightening information Healthy Diva. Celestial blessings yes we need to live in the present moment not the past .Living with gratitude in our hearts and minds to focus on positive thoughts which manifest into positive healthy new outcomes as we move forward and learn visualization methods to re programme our mind set and raise our vibration and awareness of who we really are within. As we let go of past and embrace our future surrounded by love from our Angels and unseen higher forces who are helping us evolve on the journey to evolve on a new dimensional level to be all we can be. Love Peace & Light Charlie

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