Too many people don’t know how to detox, don’t know there is a sequence to detoxing and end up doing it the WRONG way.

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Why not find out HOW to detox and take what you have learned with you, if you want to get rid of toxins in your life that cause things like IBS, FERTILITY, FIBROIDS, CONSTIPATION, WEIGHT GAIN (yes having too many toxins in your food etc can cause weight gain) SKIN PROBLEMS etc?

This DETOX 101 class on gentle cleansing with delicious living foods will have you up to speed in no time about how to avoid toxins and where to find them.

Learn how plastic can cause fertility problems and cause disruptions in your hormonal balance whether you are male or female. Learn how food can detox your body better than some expensive and complicated programs.

WHY YOU NEED THIS CLASS: If you are not feeling 100% or have issues with a health condition or just want to prevent toxic build up then this class will open your eyes to the benefits of not only using organic food to heal the body but using specific foods to maintain wellbeing without it being a complicated process.

$99 contact for additional details.

“like” my facebook page and stay tuned for class updates.


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