skin brushing68753_10151266041191101_743191230_n The skin, kidneys, liver, colon & lungs have many functions, one of them is to act as an organ of elimination. The skin in particular discharges about one to two pounds of waste every day, through sweat, cellular die off & sloughing off. Dry skin body brushing is a great way to assist the body with eliminating those toxins. Dry skin brushing further assists the body in detoxing itself  by stimulating the circulatory & lymphatic systems improving the appearance of the skin.

The brush you use should have a long handle & be able to be hand held for easier use as well. It should be made of  firm (not hard), natural bristles & not have any plastic or toxic elements. Dry skin brushing is best done first thing in the morning before your  shower or bath. You  gently brush  the surface of the skin except the face or any areas of sensitive or delicate skin in the sequence below. See direction of brushing indicated by the arrows.skin_brushing It’s important to brush in the right direction (always towards the heart) starting with the soles of the feet & working upwards. Do not use your dry skin brush on cut, broken, very tender skin or over varicose veins. Use long, smooth firm not too hard strokes, begin  gently &  gradually increasing the pressure after the first few days or weeks as you get used to the sensation.

Do not brush before bed as  skin brushing increases oxygen in the body & this will oxygenate the body & may keep you awake. If you do dry skin brush later in the day, you want to do it at least three hours before bed. For gentle exfoliation after skin brushing to get more from your detoxification treatment while in the shower after brushing for a quick detox pick me up or in a bath when you have more time.

Massage a generous amount  of this body detox scrub to make your skin shine. Try this on a weekend or day when you have more time until you can work it into your daily routine.

TO MAKE DETOX SCRUB: Combine in a medium size bowl two cups of Epsom salt, 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil,  ¼ cup of coconut oil &  ¼ cup of water  or as much as needed to make a paste (added slowly so as not to water it down)  to give you a pudding like consistency. Step into the tub (which you have lined with an old towel so you do not slip) & scrub away not to vigorously, but get your scrub on! As with dry skin brushing do not scrub sensitive areas, broken skin or face.

When you have finished, fill the tub with warm to hot water,  (take out the old towel) get in for about fifteen minutes  & let the warmth of the tub melt the Epsom salt & infuse your body with cellulite & toxin busting detoxifying grapefruit & coconut oil mixture while it moisturizing you all at the same time. When you finish slather on a wee bit more coconut oil, put on your robe & socks  keeping the detoxifying actions going.

This treatment is known to make people sleep soundly & wake up refreshed, energized, detoxified & renewed. You may not want to do the scrub daily but if you can get in the habit of dry skin brushing daily or every other day your skin, immune system, circulatory system & many other body systems will thank you. Want to learn how to DTOX with more helpful tips like this & using organic, juices, smoothies, teas & broths? Then check out the  ONE DAY DTOX  upcoming class here.

Peace and Blessings



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