divine feminine radiance


MONTHLY PMS SUFFERERS, BRIDES TO BE, NEW BRIDES, SURVIVORS OF TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS, EARTH MOTHERS or anyone interested in cleansing, purifying & balancing their womb. It is time to be educated about the tools & DTOX strategies our grandmothers & great grandmothers from all cultures, tribes, groups & families used to take care of their whole body through caring for the womb. This knowledge is a mystery today  & women are experiencing pain & suffering because they are unaware of  this ancient knowledge. These classes are in small groups teaching ancient & sacred tools  that can be done with ease & simplicity in your own home once you learn them.

Mayan Abdominal Womb Massage Therapist & Certified  Sacred Womb Practitioner THE HEALTHY DIVA teaches the MYSTERIES OF THE WOMB class with knowledge from Asia, Africa, Central America, the Mediterranean & Europe touching on varied traditions & ancient knowledge.  If you are female this class is a godsend! LEARN the traditional way to care for your body, to stop problems BEFORE they arise or fix them quickly if you have them now.

IN THIS 9:30 am – 5:00pm CLASS LEARN

Why a misaligned womb blocks abundance & healthy relationships, is the cause of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP after toxic relationship & how to cleanse the womb of past & present emotional baggage & prevent future toxicity from settling in.

How a misaligned womb causes you to be OVERWEIGHT & what the womb has to do with constipation, digestive & skin issues.  Learn the best & worst foods to eat for womb health & learn if you’re nourishing or harming the womb with your food choices.

How FIBROID or other surgery can & is being avoided & what to do if you have already had surgery. LEARN how a womb removed by hysterectomy or menopausal womb STILL affects the body.

How to DTOX the womb with baths, colonics/enemas, essential oils, clay, herb teas, gemstones & more also learn how to spot the dangers in your home with feminine personal care products. How movement for feminine energy, balance & focus  & womb self massage techniques help instantly.

WARNING this class teaches tools that cleanse & purify the mind, body & spirit to remove obstacles to health & abundance do not take this class if you do not want this!

HOLIDAY SPECIAL $199.99 Reg. $250 after Jan 12, 2014

Next Toronto, ON class Feb 8, 2014

130 Old Forest Hill Rd. Toronto email for tickets class includes organic lunch

Email for details of online class information if you are outside of Toronto.


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