This healing PINEAPPLE SUNRISE juice is full of taste yet a hard worker when it comes to detoxing the body!


6 not too ripe pears (too ripe are too hard to juice)

1/2 cucumber

8 ribs of celery

2 tbsp of lemon juice

Process through the juicer and enjoy.

The enzymes in the pineapple helps to assimilate the nutrients in the juice while the mucous cutting action of the lemon help the body to eliminate toxins. The celery with it’s natural sodium adds nourishing minerals to the cells firing them up with energy to cleanse the cells. Last but not least, the pears with it’s fiber works well to sweep along and help remove the debris out of the colon quickly. Great to drink when you need to keep things moving!

Juicing is so beneficial to the body as it is nutrition that is easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

Make sure when you are juicing that you try to use organic fruits and veggies for the best nutrient dense juice you can have.


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